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lash enhancements

Our lash stylist will help you select an enhancement best suited for your eye and face shape, your desired look, and even your lifestyle.  You’ll start with one of our four amazing styles, and customize as you wish to achieve the lashes of your dreams. Be abreast about a free spinn uten innskudd

If you have a particular concern or would like to ask any questions, please call us for a private consultation – we will gladly help you!

lift & tint

Our lash lift & tint is a semi-permanent eyelash treatment designed to uplift and define your natural eyelashes.

We pair our curling treatment with an eyelash tint to enhance and define. 

When finished, your eyes will look larger, and your lashes will look longer and fuller.


Lash extensions are tiny fibers individually attached to each of your natural lashes:

  • longer lashes
  • thicker lashes
  • curled or reserved
  • look completely natural
  • choose from a variety of styles, lengths and curls

hybrid (full set) – $200
hybrid (2 to 3 week fill) – $85 +

classic (full set) – $175.00 +
classic (2 week fill) – $75.00 +

volume (full set) – $250.00
volume (2 to 3 week fill) $95.00