Relax. Renew. Recharge.

massage & body

Our spa offers a broad array of massage & body treatment services for men and women according to their individualized needs. 

If you have a particular concern or would like to ask any questions, please call us for a private consultation – we will gladly help you!


Detoxify & nourish.

Using a customized blend of pure flower and plant root oils, this specially designed massage uses light, rhythmic movements along the body to promote detoxification, nourishment and body awareness.

60 minutes – $95.00
75 minutes – $150

hot stone

Ultimate healing relaxation.

Uses smooth, heated basalt lava stones as treatment tools.

60 minutes – $105.00
75 minutes – $135.00

Swedish Massage

 Relieve, restore & calm.

Gentle and relaxing, using long, smooth strokes designed to improve circulation, muscle tone and relieve soreness, stress and tension.

60 minutes – $95.00
90 minutes – $145.00

deep tissue massage

Intense & invigorating.

Works deep into the layers of the muscles.

60 minutes – $110.00
90 minutes – $155.00


 Ease, improve & relax.

This light massage reduces discomfort and water retention, alleviates lower back pain, and releases muscle tension in the neck and shoulder areas.

60 minutes – $90.00

Neck, back & shoulders

Targeted tension relief.

Focuses on the neck, back and shoulders to relieve tension and aching muscles; this target specific treatment is a great “pick-me-up.”

30 minutes – $60.00

add-on experiences

Available as add-ons to any of our massage and body treatments.

reflexology (30 minutes) – $60.00
reflexology (60 minutes) – $90.00
scalp (30 minutes) – $60.00